Cancellations can seriously affect users’ plans. Therefore, if you cancel an experience already booked, penalties may apply.

Frequent cancellations or no-shows for an experience constitute a violation of our agreements and may lead to the elimination of your Rural Evasion experience.

Meteorological conditions

If your experience takes place outdoors, you can cancel it if the weather conditions make the environment unsafe or uncomfortable for travelers. No penalty will be applied to you.

We may contact you to request documentation that verifies cancellations derived from weather conditions.

Emergencies or security issues

We are aware that setbacks sometimes happen. No penalties are applied for those cancellations included in the following Cancellation Policy due to force majeure or for cancellations made for valid security reasons.

Change the reservation to a different date or time

If you propose an alternative time and the guests agree, you can change the date of the initial reservation to the one agreed with the client. We will verify that the Users accept it and we will eliminate any possible penalty applied.

Cancellations of experiences due to force majeure
How does it work
Situations that require documentation
Death of a Collaborator or close family member. In these cases, you will need to provide one of these documents:

Death certificate.
Newspaper article in which the deceased person is mentioned.
Police report.
Unexpected serious illness or injury. You must present a medical certificate confirming that the person cannot stay or travel due to a serious and unexpected illness or injury.

Obligations imposed by the authorities, including: citations to be a member of a popular jury, travel restrictions, court appearances or absence due to a military mission. You must provide a copy of the official communication issued after confirmation of the reservation in which the name of the person subject to any of these obligations appears.

Transportation problems that prevent you from reaching your destination, such as road closures and flight cancellations, when there are no alternative means of transportation. It includes road closures and cancellations caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or major storms. You must provide a notification of the closure of the road or demonstrate the cancellation of the flight, along with a document that justifies the impossibility of traveling to your destination.

Cancellations of trains, buses or ferries when there are no alternatives available the same day. You must provide documentation that clearly demonstrates that the carrier did not make the move that day; for example, a screenshot of the company’s website or a link to an official statement from the company.

Natural disasters, terrorism and civil or political disturbances

Epidemics that suddenly affect a region or a group of people.

Travel restrictions imposed by the public administration, a law enforcement body, or a military entity that restrict travel to or from the accommodation or experience location.

Security Threat Notices

Basic utility outages

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