General cancellation policy


For a full refund, you must cancel before the free cancellation period indicated on the activity sheet or within 24 hours of purchase.


Change of date


You can change the date or time of your experience (or add or remove people) within 24 hours of making your booking and up to 72 hours before the scheduled start date, subject to availability on the dates you choose.


If you change the date of an experience, the cancellation policy will be based on the original purchase date and the original start date of the experience.


Cancellations due to bad weather


The Partner conducting the Activity may cancel the Activity if they believe that weather conditions may pose a danger to the safety of travellers during or before the activity takes place. In this case, we will refund the full amount.


Cancellations due to an emergency


If you need to cancel your booking due to an emergency, please see the following paragraphs for details on how to do so. We may ask you to provide supporting documentation.


Cancellation of experiences due to force majeure

If you have to cancel a booking due to an unforeseen event beyond your control, we may send you a refund. Below is a list of situations covered by our Force Majeure Policy. Before cancelling, please check if your case is included in the list below and if you can provide the necessary documentation.


Situations requiring documentation

Death of a participant or a close family member. In these cases, you will need to provide one of these documents:


Death certificate.

Death certificate.

Press article mentioning the deceased person.

Police report.

Unexpected serious illness or injury to a member of the travelling party. A medical certificate confirming that the person is unable to stay or travel due to a serious and unexpected illness or injury. In addition, it must be issued after the date of booking and must be sent to us within 14 days of cancellation. Pre-existing illnesses known to you at the time of booking are not currently covered by our Force Majeure Policy.


Obligations imposed by authorities, including but not limited to: jury summons, travel restrictions, court appearances or absence due to military duty. You must provide a copy of the official statement issued subsequent to the booking confirmation that lists the name of the person subject to any of these obligations.


Transport problems that prevent you from reaching your destination, such as road closures and flight cancellations, where no alternative means of transport are available. This includes road closures and cancellations caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes or major storms. You will need to provide notification of the road closure or proof of flight cancellation, together with a document justifying the impossibility of travelling to your destination.


Train, bus or ferry cancellations when there are no alternatives available on the same day. You will need to provide documentation that clearly shows that the carrier did not make the journey that day, for example, a screenshot of the carrier’s website or a link to an official statement from the carrier.


Natural disasters, terrorism, civil unrest or political disturbances that prevent travel to or from the destination or do not guarantee a safe stay.


Epidemics suddenly affecting a region or a group of people.


Travel restrictions imposed by a government administration, law enforcement agency or military entity restricting travel to or from the area of the experience.


Security threat warnings


Disruptions to basic public supplies


Changes in visa or passport requirements that prevent travel to the destination, including loss or expiry of necessary documents.


What should I do in these circumstances?

Once you have confirmed that your case is included in the situations described above, please contact us and let us know what has happened. We will explain all the steps you have to follow and we will help you with the cancellation process.

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